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Tidal wave make me run for safety - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am in a harbor. The sun is shining and its a nice day. Then suddenly the winds picks up and a storm starts. I can see people trying to desperately get to the shore. The seas are very choppy. I am trying to save my granddad. I then realise the fear of tidal waves. I desperately try to get to some high ground. I am at the top of the cliff yet I then see the tidal wave come. Its huge and will surely sweep us all away.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been retired for a few years. He was living a fairly sheltered life but had been neglecting his health. Now things were in danger of getting out of hand. The night before the dream he was worried about the state of his health.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer had been thinking about his own health the night before. He was really very worried. So in such circumstances its natural that this dream reflected that worry. The tidal wave represents the feelings that his health was now in danger of being swept away by forces too powerful to resist.

Symbolic Meanings
GRANDFATHER: "feeling old and ill"
HARBOR: "sheltered from danger - the dreamer had retired so was not realising how badly ill he was becoming. He had been sheltered from the worst problems because he was not having to go to work"
TIDAL WAVE: "an irresistible force - overwhelming loss of health"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have not really realised how bad my health has become. If I was still at work I would have spotted how bad my health was becoming and been forced to do something."

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