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Pain and crying climbing mountain dream interpretation

People might say "why did I have a mountain dream when I never climb mountains." Instead think about the important emotions and situations linked by association with mountains eg "thats too big," "Its a huge challenge" and "that will be hard work"

THE DREAM I dreamt I was exploring. I wanted to see the view from the Himalayas. At the bottom of the mountain my hands had holes in them and ropes passed through the holes tying them together. There was a man with a sword and I begged him to cut through the ropes. He refused, saying he would pull my hands apart and break the ropes instead. I was crying because I knew this would be painful and would rip the holes in my hands. (Interpreted on

THE REALITY The dreamer was trying to decide if she should give up work to start her own business.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Its often best to pick out one symbol and try to spot some link with real life. Mountains in this case are the most interesting symbol. They can often link to issues that are tough challenges. They will symbolise tough ambitions that you hope to seriously realise. In this case the dreamer was thinking through an ambition. She hoped to set up her own business. So given that this was an issue that seemed to link nicely what other evidence is there to back this issue as the trigger for the dream.

The dream involves a man. Men often symbolise very male like emotions. They show that you are going to have to show determination, stubbornness and fortitude. Those are certainly emotions and qualities involved in setting up your business.

In the dream the dreamer is attempting to avoid pain to get to the top. But that's really not possible. In order to achieve business success you have to show determination and to go through many pains. Hands are very much symbols of work so that would further link in with the dream. So overall we have an issue which fits rather nicely. That is all you can ever hope for in a dream.

Perhaps the dream was a wake up call. Starting a business is not some nice little journey. You have to be really committed. Perhaps this is a real wake up to the huge task that she is considering. In exploring her own situation she is coming to the conclusion that there is no choice available. So the man refuses her. She simply will have to endure the pain.

Symbolic Meanings
CUT : "the dreamer knows a break has to be made sometime"
KNEW : "there is a realization that she will have to give up her job to start the business"
MOUNTAIN : "an enormous challenge - a tricky situation"
SWORD : "willingness to take control "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am having to make a decision about starting my own business. I will have to give up my job in order to get the business started. I know its going to be an uphill struggle"

See how the symbolic meanings capture a vital insight into the dreamers work situation

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