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Commit suicide dream

Dreams of suicide may not have an obvious trigger. This dream was linked to the phrase "his actions were suicidal" as the dreamer had almost caused an accident the day before whilst learning to drive.

THE DREAM - I don't really remember everything from this dream but it starts off as a happy dream and then ends with three deaths. This dream is really weird and not that clear so try to follow? At first everything in my dream seems happy then a person decides to commit suicide because things are too much for him (I don't know who this person is he is just a random character) then his friend also suicides when he finds out about it(he hesitates for a short while then commits suicide). And then the friend of the other person (who is Kramer from Seinfeld) also suicides by diving into the ocean from a boat. And then his friend who is a little bit retarded calls his name out and shoots into the ocean with a shotgun to get his friends attention. And for the first 2 deaths my emotions were sad and frightened and depressed but for the last suicide all I could think about was how stupid the friend is for shooting into the water.

Then I get chased by a tiger (specifically Raja the Jasmin's tiger from Aladdin) and I am so deeply frightened he is going to kill me or disable me. I ran away and I try to outsmart him by running in and out of places but that doesn't work cause he always finds me.

Finally I "wake up" in my dream (and I really think that I have woken up) and I tell myself to write down the dream (which I did too right after I REALLY woke up). so I'm writing everything down from the dream and suddenly my mom comes in and I am mad at her and yell so she leaves. Then I look back down at my paper to continue writing and it turns out that I have messed up everything I wrote (the story written in the wrong order on both sides of the page)

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer decided to give up learning to drive. He made a serious mistake and almost caused an accident.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams will often process through important incidents and your dream will be an assessment of your own response. In this case its easy to guess at what this dream means as the day before something major did happen and so the dream could very easily be about that.

Each of the symbols replays aspects of this near accident the day before. The short hesitations between the first and second suicides mimics and replays the short hesitation when the dreamer followed what his mother told him to do - even though his mothers instructions were almost bound to have caused an accident.

The suicide symbolises the simple fact that he was doing something suicidal. It was a manoeuvre that was bound to fail. After all its a common phrase to say "that was suicidal" when you mean its bound to end in failure.

People in dreams are often symbols. Kramer from Seinfeld appears and that is because the dreamer had just acted in a way which was as stupid as Kramer. He realises that he acted exactly like Kramer and just did not think.

What could the tiger represent? There are two possibilities here and its difficult to say exactly. The tiger could symbolise the anger of his father(a formidable foe) as he yelled from the back seat. The second idea is that the tiger represents danger and so taps into the feeling "I could have died."

The final part also mimics reality. The dreamer was mad at his mother both in real life and within the dream. These strong feelings spill over into his dream. The dream helps him express this anger which was difficult to express in real life as his mother accepted no blame for the accident. So the dream taps into this feeling "I want to shout at my mother for telling me to swap lanes. It nearly caused an accident. She is blaming me but I was only doing what she said."

Symbolic Meanings
HESITATE : "The slight hesitation replays the exact moment when the dreamer hesitated for a second before following what his mother told him"
KRAMER FROM SEINFELD : "He is a stupid character who does something without thinking - in making a serious driving mistake he was acting like Kramer"
SUICIDE : "The dreamer had made a suicidal mistake which nearly caused an accident "
TIGER : "The dreamer fears the tiger like he fears a road traffic accident. That will similarly disable or kill him"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "The day before the dream I almost had a serious accident learning to drive. I have now completely given up. I was stupid in following exactly what my mother said. She told me to swap lanes when it was obviously suicidal. It's pointless pointing out the error afterwards. I just followed what she said without questioning"

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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