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Snake slithers after us - dream interpretation

Dreams explore the consequences of our actions. If you have behaved badly then your mind will examine how things could go wrong. So a bad dream maybe linked to your doubts.

THE DREAM - I was with my room mate (my close friend since I was a child) and we were on this little boat in the middle of some water. It was a very beautiful and sunny day and all of a sudden I looked towards the beach and saw a huge snake come out of the tree line and saw it slither into the water to come after us. I got really scared and yelled to my friend, "did you see that huge anaconda?!" So, I said we had to get out of the water and so we started paddling but the paddle looked like a newspaper, which I also thought was odd, but that was all we had and so we started paddling as hard as we could. We get by the snake, which was under water and finally reached the beach and we got out of the boat and started running towards the jungle. After we passed the tree line, my friend disappeared and all of a sudden I came upon a shack made of old wood in the middle of the jungle and was with my ex-girlfriend (recently broken up within the past few days), her mother (who I never met), and her brother (who I also never met, but is someone who my ex girlfriend highly regards - as he is studying philosophy)- Anyway, The shack was very run down and made very poorly. Everything around suddenly became dark and it seemed like there was a huge storm coming in. We looked around and there were some other huts and people seemed to be running to this underground shelter, but the people said there was no room for us. So, we went in the poorly made shack and before I knew it, I was crying in my ex girlfriend's arms…I was apologizing for my dishonesty and deceit. I felt horribly for what I did and how much I hurt her. Anyway, I was very paranoid because of the snake and thought that it was going to come after us. So, I was constantly running around the shack and trying to make sure the poorly made door was shut…but it didn't shut very well and there were a lot of gaps in the wood so you could see through. So, in dreadful fear, I took a look outside, and noticed that the surroundings changed again. The shack we were in was now on a stilt supported by a raft on the water…so it was as if we were suspended in the air on top of the water. I was still so paranoid that the snake was going to come and attack us and in terror. I suddenly awoke…

THE REALITY The dreamer had just two days previously broken up with his girlfriend. He had started to realise that he had behaved badly and regretted his shabby treatment of his ex.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams symbolize our very inner thoughts. So if we wakeup feeling regret then try to see how the dream could link into those very emotions. The dreamer had started to realise his own actions. The snake stood for his own deceit and he is worried that he may be attacked because if you act badly then this will result in people treating you in a similarly uncaring fashion.

The appearance of the ex girlfriends brother perhaps is significant. He is heavily into philosophy. He perhaps represents the need to be more philosophical and thoughtful about how he acted. Philosophy is loosely associated with emotions and feelings such as honour and justice.

Symbolic Meanings
BROTHER : "The brother of the dreamers ex is heavily into philosophy. This shows that the dreamer is thinking more philosophically about what he did. The justness of his actions."
CRYING : "The dreamer is showing signs of regrets and realising that she did not deserve to be treated so badly"
SNAKE : "Snakes stand for bad emotions. Perhaps the dreamers own deceitfulness or the possible wish for revenge from an ex girlfriend "
SUNNY : "The sunshine represents the fact that the dreamer has come out of this unscathed. That things seem fine. There were no bad consequences to the break up. He was OK. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realise now that I treated my girlfriend really badly. I think I should own up to this and at least show regrets for my actions. I realise that if I behave like this then it will end up badly for me. OK it ended OK this time but I behave like this again then it may end up with a girlfriend lashing out at me. Such actions are bound to result in revenge. I should act more honourably. "

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

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