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Alligator Attack

Think about how your dream recreates important moments from the day before

DREAM - Alligator Attack I dreamt that I went to an abandoned plaza and has soon as I walked in I saw two small alligator statue on the kitchen table staring directly at me. Little did I know they were real. They started moving so I ran down the stairs only to open the door and two alligators came walking towards me. I took up a bottle of bleach and a big bag of salt and threw on them and they started swelling. I started crying and then ran back up the stairs only to realize I was surrounded by alligators and crocodiles. I got so scared I woke up out of my sleep.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:That the guy I am in love with and that I have not seen for nine years doesn't care about me. I was thinking I should move on with my life and forget about him. Because he won't let me see him on Skype at least that would make it feel more real. Does he really love me. I want to have is baby so badly. Also I was contemplating whether to continue my driving lessons because I feared the driving tutor was going to try and sexually harass me again. But I really want to get my drivers license.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Dreams represent your thoughts. I use this forum to show people how easy it is to show how peoples thoughts translate into dream symbols. Its a little more difficult with your dream because you were thinking about TWO THINGS. But I tend to think that this is about your sexual harassment. You are using bleach to keep the alligator at bay. That's something similar to how you would treat someone who was sexually molesting you. Plus the way the alligator was staring at you perhaps recreates the way your driving instructor was looking at you. The alligator could be a symbol for any really dislikeable male.

Understanding the dream does not tell you much though. Its not advice - a dream just represents your own thoughts. It's how the mind stores conceptual ideas and emotions. You already know how you feel

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