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Dream symbolism - killing poor little dog

If you read this dream don't ask the question what do dogs in dreams mean? Instead think about phrases such as "that was unfortunate" "I wish that did not happen"

THE DREAM - There was this tiny dog was on a leash and got snagged underneath his porch while his family did not notice. I tried pulling him out, and ended up snapping his neck, killing the poor little dog instantly. The family realized their dog was missing and pulled on the leash, only to find the dead body of their poor dog. I ran away from the scene feeling like the worst person in the world. I was only trying to help!

THE REALITY The dreamers boyfriend had just broken up with her. However, it was a real big surprise and in some ways she could not understand how the relationship broke up. There were issues but nothing that she did not feel could be sorted out.

DREAM SYMBOLISM The dream came just after the dreamers break up with her boyfriend so it was obvious she was going to dream about this. The dream above all captured the immediacies of the event. It was such a surprise and at the time seemed so unnecessary. It also captured the sense that this break up happened very quickly and was in some ways an accident - just like the death of the dog. The leash is a sign of an emotional connection. The dreamer felt that she was helping her boyfriend with the issues that were in his life. The dream features a dog - they symbolise things which are good for you. For the dreamer the break up was necessary and seemed to lack any sense. It was obviously against her own best interest. The dog may even have symbolised her ex boyfriend - dogs often signify trusted relationships.

Symbolic Meanings
DOG(killed) : "death symbolises an ending - the dreamer realises she has ended a relationship"
DOG : "the dreamer realises her ex was loyal and devoted - just like a dog"
INSTANT : "it all happened very quickly"
MISSING : "something is lacking in your life - in this case she realises she is missing her ex"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Maybe I should not have broken up with my boyfriend. There seemed to be good reasons at the time but I have a feeling I have made a mistake"

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