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Nightmare tidal wave - taking risks

THE DREAM - I am with someone who is threatening me. This tough looking man has a knife and looks vicious. But luckily this policeman is there to arrest him immediately. Even though he has been arrested he is still in front of me and still appears very threatening.

Later, I am on the south beach at Scarborough. Then suddenly I see this huge tidal wave. Its mountainous. I start running up the hill to escape the waves. I run as fast as I can. The waves come up the hill but they are much smaller than I expected them to be. Later, I am on the beach at Cayton, and another tidal wave is building up. This one I cannot escape as it hits too quickly and I am trapped against the cliffs. I try to save my life as best I can.

THE REALITY The previous night the dreamer had been thinking about a situation at work. Someone had caused him huge trouble. This person was really quite troubled and seemed to mix with very dubious characters. The dreamer wanted to complain but felt very threatened by the person. He had been thinking through the consequences as a complaint would probably lead to the person being sacked.

THE INTERPRETATION If something has been dominating your mind the previous day then it is an obvious trigger for a dream. The previous day the dreamer had been facing a major dilemma - should he complain about someone at work? He had obvious grounds but feared the backlash from this the woman who had a fearsome temper and some very dubious friends.

How exactly does this dream capture these thoughts? Often dreams play out a worst possible scenario. The tidal wave is a symbol for a fearful backlash. It represents the consequences of complaining.

The police represent the forces of law and order in the workplace. The dreamer believed that he would be protected and supported if he made a complaint. However, the criminal stands around looking threatening. This is symbolic of the dreamers fears - if he complains the woman could be sacked yet she would not give up. He feared a personal vendetta.

The dreamer believed that if he complained then he would have to change jobs and avoid certain friends(who were friendly with this woman). The first tidal wave hits and the dreamer escapes. The second tidal wave hits in a much more enclosed and remote place. This remote place represents the following type of feeling "If I get her sacked then she won't forgive me. I maybe able to avoid her but one day I will bump into her and she will want to get even".

Dream Dictionary Meanings
CAUGHT BY CLIFFS: The dreamer is thinking about potential situations where he would be confronted by the person he wanted to complain about
KNIFE: The dreamer feared a complaint would lead to very personal and bitter confrontation
POLICE: The dreamer feels he would easily be protected at work if he made a complaint
TIDAL WAVE: The dreamer is thinking about the consequences of a complaint - forces would be unleashed which would sweep him away

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following worries from the night before - "I want to complain about her! She is a complaint 'head case' who knows loads of dubious characters. Yet I fear her backlash. I may avoid her for a while but one day she will catch up with me"

See how the different symbolic meanings join together form the dreamers worst possible scenario

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