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Shocking demon nightmare dream

THE DREAM I had a nightmare and I was so disturbed and screaming that my husband shook me to wake me up.

THE REALITY The dreamer worked in a part of town which was prone to violent crime. It was often on her mind that she could be a victim.

THE INTERPRETATION Demons and nightmares dreams are often difficult to interpret. They are deeply symbolic by their nature. Such dreams will have their source in day to day reality and fears within your mind at the dream. The trick is to spot something that could be connected. Just spot bad emotions generally. Often a dream like this can be connected to feelings of real hate. They show you maybe having strong feelings and prejudices. Such emotions may back fire on you during the dream. So think back to the day before and where really strong powerful emotions of hate or fear surfaced. It maybe links to someone who has become a punch bag for your own repressed bad feelings.

Often a dream maybe connected to a fear. In this case the dreamer connected the dream with the need to cross a dangerous part of town where gun crime is rife.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate going to work because sometimes I am so scared that I will be mugged"

See how the symbolic meanings capture an everyday fear

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