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Dream symbols - father helps and mother angry

THE DREAM I was in my drive way with my father and I was so excited that he was alive but I had plans to go out. I was upset because I didn't have a car but he convinced me to stay home. So I went upstairs to my moms house and talked with him for a while about everything. My mom said he is back to stay for a while but its not permanent and I might not see him all the time. I really didn't want to hear my mom say that he wasn't going to stay for good. I guess a couple of days went by and I vaguely saw my father. I wanted to see him so bad. But it was like we were missing each other. I got so angry and I really wanted to go out to see my friends so I stole my mothers car. She has a brand new infinity and in real life I would never take it. Anyway I'm back in the drive way and my father pops up. I told him that I was taking my mom's car and he said that it was okay and he wont tell my mother. (My father and I had a tight bond). I felt as if it was okay as long as I put it back right where she parked it earlier. So I took it and within 5 minutes I smashed her car up. The next thing I remember is that I had this sinking feeling in my stomach and tons of guilt and shame. They were standing beside me and my mom was flipping out worried about the car and how could I have done something like this, and my father was hugging me. A little about me. I'm not innocent at all and I always get myself in trouble.

THE REALITY The dreamer recently got into a car accident about a month previously and now takes the bus everywhere. She was arrested and now realises how out of control she was. Recently she has been fighting with her mother a lot like when she was a teenager.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The hardest problem in a dream with fathers in is trying to decide what they link to. A father can appear purely in a symbolic fashion and as a need to take control of some situation before it gets out of hand. That seems relevant here. But more important is the special relationship between the dreamer and her father.

The dream seems to be linked directly to two things. The dreamers car accident and out of control behavior and also to the dreamers mother and her overly dramatic attitude. So the dream is making some symbolic point about this.

Perhaps the special bond between father and daughter is most important. The dreamers wishes her mother could communicate with her in the same way that her father managed to communicate. They had a special ability to understand each other. So the dream is showing how this is lacking in the present situation. That the dreamer wishes for greater support and guidance from her mother. So maybe the dreamer is happy to change but just wishes that it could be a little less dramatic

Symbolic Meanings
FATHER : "the dreamers wish for support and guidance in the way that her late father used to support and guide her"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been pretty wild recently. But my mom has been getting on my case. I wish my father was here because he had a special connection with me."

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