Groom is not at wedding - dream interpretation

Look for obvious ways in which dreams translate into real life feelings. This wedding dream translates into "I am willing to give the relationship another try"

THE DREAM My dream begins with me getting ready to pull my dress together (of course hours away from the ceremony). I'm looking for the right dress. Bright yellow. But I cant find shoes to match anywhere and time is running short. Finally I find them (yellow)and head back down the street to find parking and get in the church. The music starts and my bridesmaids head up the aisle. I of course can't find my shoes and rush around until I find one of my guests shoes that will kind of work and are too big but I wear them down the aisle. The ceremony goes on and their is no groom. He is not in the dream at all. Its known that he cant make it but I'll go see him after and let him know that we are all set and married. Basically the dream is mostly about my shoes and lack of groom.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently rekindled her relationship with her ex. She was giving it another try but was still not sure if it was all in vain.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams link to conceptual feelings and ideas. Often we maybe actively be telling people how we feel and unknowingly these very feelings are what the dream means. This dreamer was saying how she felt committed to her ex but was still not sure if that was in vain. Actually this dream perfectly represents those feelings. But how?

The dreamer is aware of her own feelings. In the dream she goes to the altar. So she is committed and will put 100 per cent into the relationship. In real life she was similarly willing to give it another go. She was very serious.

However, the groom is not there. Surely this represents doubts and uncertainties. She cannot truly tell how her ex feels. She knows how she feels but she is prepared for disappointment. It fell apart before so it may do so again. Yet she is perfectly willing to still give it a go. She does not know if those efforts are in vain. The dream is like a little play that refers to the very feelings that she is telling everyone in real life.

Symbolic Meanings
GROOM NOT THERE : "Not knowing her exs true feelings and commitment. "
WEDDING : "Showing a real sense of commitment to her ex. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am going to give my relationship with my ex another go. I know how I feel and will put in one hundred percent effort. I am not sure if that's not enough. "

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

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