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Managing people dream

THE DREAM I was at work and had a fight with some people. The argument was work related and has something to do with how things should be done. My colleagues were so angry with me that they threatened to report me to higher management.

True enough, after a few hours, the president called for me. When I stepped into the presidents office, I quickly noticed that he looked like my ex-boss (the first company I worked for about 10 years ago, he was the president of that company too). I was ready for some confrontation as I thought that my colleagues connived against me, but instead I was received by him with a huge grin. He then handed me two small rectangle boxes that looked like some sort of oversized video cases, saying, I am offering you a job to do the BANNER. And inside those two small rectangle boxes were supposedly several items that I have no clue about and some keys.

The job description is leading a team supporting speed boat racing. I will be managing people, the day to day activities, the logistics and etceteras behind the speed boat racing team. We are also expected to travel all over the world with it.

THE REALITY The dreamer was without a job at the time but actively seeking employment. She was building up some momentum in searching for jobs. She was active on the job boards. This ex-boss president of the company she worked for 10 years ago gave her a break. He believed in her despite her lack of experience and skills in the work he offered her.

DREAM ANALYSIS We often get dreams about our strategy and feelings towards something. Work tasks that involve emotions are especially so. If we are unemployed then we may get dreams related to our efforts to find a job. In this case the ex-boss was someone who meant something very specific. He was someone who believed in her. Its likely then that the dreamer is reminding herself of her skills and achievements and reinforcing her own belief in herself. In particular she needs to have confidence in herself going after jobs she has not got the exact skill requirements.

The other dreams also link to her strategy and attempts to find work. The banner is a symbol of the need to advertise and promote her own abilities.

Boats in dreams are symbols of emotional momentum. Whilst unemployed its easy to become downbeat about yourself. A speedboat symbolises a very excited and enthused sense of journey within the dreamer. It probably captures this feeling - "if I get some enthusiasm going it will help me build up my own confidence. Confidence is so important. So if I throw myself into the attempts to find work it creates a mood of belief which all helps convince a potential employer."

Symbolic Meanings
BANNER : "a need to advertise and promote your own skills"
EX -PRESIDENT : "a need to have the same belief in herself that he had in her"
SPEED BOAT : "a need to build up a sense of momentum and excitement. Creating a buzz helps improve her own confidence in herself"

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