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The end of the world - dream analysis

THE DREAM I had a dream days before the day the media having been calling the end of the world 21st December 2012. I was told that they have misled us all. It will not be the end of the world. It will be a new beginning for humanity. I was doing evil things to all the people I hate.

THE REALITY This dream occurred days before a day which was being proclaimed the end of the world. This was based on the Mayan calender. The dreamer had been thinking about this and was sceptical. But it was something that was on her mind.

In 2012 the media did continually mention the Mayan calender and predictions that the world would end on December 21st. Many dismissed this as nonsense. In the end it turned out to be a false prophecy as the world did not end that day. But many people had little doubts.

This dream then is really about how the dreamer was interacting with this end of the world prophecy. How was she behaving? What were her emotions. Dreams are not about the facts they are about her emotions. This dream was an essay on the following "The ancient Mayan culture predicted it will soon be the end of the world. Discuss?"

Dreams are often little plays which explore how we might feel and react in any given situation. This dream explores the dreamers thoughts. If it was the end of the world then she had fantasies about telling people what she thought of them.

The main part of the dream revolves around the dreamer being "misled." That clearly shows that the dreamer is going to be cautious. She is not going to go mad with the full knowledge that the world will end.

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