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Murder and military police dream interpretation

THE DREAM The point from which I can remember is when I am trying to barricade myself in a hotel room, with someone trying to barge in. I manage to close the door, and lock it. I then went to the window, opened it, and climbed out of it. I use various ledges to climb down a fairly high wall, then I run for it. (This hotel in in a remote rural area. I then skipped to running from a different place, all I can remember is that I killed someone, and that the police were on their way. I hide in various hedges and ditches, see the police come, and run a little further. I eventually find that I have looped around, and ended up in the same place. I now see that the police are searching the area. They are not normal police. They seem important, as if they were MI5 or special branch.

At this point I was dressed in sports trousers or shorts, and a T-shirt. It was very cold. I know that many people know about the murder now, and have a vague description. I also know at this point that I had no choice but to commit the murder, or that I did not do it. In some manner it was justified, or unavoidable.

I'm on the run, and bump into some farmers, who know the person killed, and have a description of me, and my name. I go up to them, pretending to be part of the search party, and one of the workers there help me "look" for him. Had I not done this, they would have seen me run. We go up a large hill, then I seem to lose him. I am free for now.

I end up with my aunt (who is basically my mother), and my ex-girlfriend, who's now my best friend. We go to this weird house, which belongs to a distant relative of mine. My ex has a shower, and I have a ice down. (The house is really strange, and there is water everywhere. Much of the furniture if floating)

My relative does not know what has happened, but my aunt and ex do. The police come to the door, and I know he (my relative), will not be mentally quick enough to catch on, and when the police asks if he's seen me, he will say that I am there, then ask why. So before he answers the door to the police, I frantically look for an exit in a house with no windows. I see a wooden door that's out of place, look inside, and its empty, then I notice a strange part of the wall, push it, and it opens to the back. I close it, and escape.

I am now dressed in a combat jacket, combat trousers, and boots, although still look like a civilian. I run alone, and suddenly I'm on some kind of firing range, at the target area, with man-made dunes. There is some firing, but somehow I feel safe from that. Then 3 lads, dressed as I am, 2 of them in jeans, come up to me, and I just join them somehow. I now know that this is not a military firing range. Just one of those lads' weekend type places. I am temporarily alone again, and I just look from the distance at the house, to see what is going on.

I see maybe 300 - 400 soldiers setting up some sort of command centre. They are after me! The 3 chaps I meet have military type automatic rifles. I somehow acquire one. We walk away, then some high ranking officer stops us, and asks us if we have seen a person matching my description. Almost as if they knew, the 3 chaps said that all 4 of us had been there all day.

The army escorts us away, seemingly to lockdown the area, as I am around somewhere. I cannot believe that they are just escorting me away, not knowing that its me. we're going along this path, still under escort, and fighter jets start bombing some crops and vegetation around us, with perfect precision. The missiles seem super advanced. They burn up a controlled area instantly. The fire is black, not yellow. They are burning all the crops and vegetation in the area in an attempt to kill me,scare me, or lure me out.

We, 4 chaps, are alone. We are heading back to their place. They live in a hidden trailer/caravan. There are about 15 boys our age living there, alone. I hold back to speak to one of the three boys, who seems to be their leader. I tell him everything, but one of the boys overhears. Before I tell him to stop, he tells everyone in the trailer/caravan. They all gang around me, as if I am some kind of hero. I'm going to stay there, but only one or two nights. Then its too risky.

That night I am presented with two weird balls. I know they are meant to represent testicles, but they're just something harmless. I'm not sure what they are. They're soft, but certainly not testicles. I'll say beans. They present to me, each in turn, two small beans, as if I have achieved some kind of lifetime award from these boys. The beans are meant to represent courage and honor. Kind of like "he has balls" ceremony.

That night I spend outside contemplating all that I have lost. The person I killed must be very important. Even more important than the prime minister, or US president. The army were deployed so fast. As if I killed someone who was a leader of a very dark and powerful organisation. I knew that I had to get out of the UK. If they wanted me this badly, every corner of the media would know me, thus every person in the UK. Only problem was that its an island. All ports will be policed, and looking out for me. The best option was a cargo ship to Ireland I thought. Then I could lay low, then take an Irish cargo ship to the US or something. That's a big enough place not to be know, not even the UK's number 1 most wanted. Most Americans could not even spot Bin Laden. Not by appearance.

I knew that my ambitions of becoming a neurosurgeon, which I will be, had diminished. I could not get any sort of career. I would be stuck as a laborer, or shop assistant in a small town in America. Maybe a librarian, if I could fake a history, and qualifications well enough. I would need a new identity. That is something I know how to do.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up feeling heartbroken as if all ambitions had been shattered. Then he realised it was a just a dream. The dreamer has had "special ops" type training and had he not had this then he would not have stayed alive in the dream.

The dreamer is quite religious. He had been very lazy recently and that night he promised God that he would wake up at 9:30am. Yet when his alarm went off he reset it to get another 30 minutes sleep. He woke from this dream at 12:45 PM and felt he had been punished for breaking his promise.

THE INTERPRETATION Long dreams are very difficult to analyze. But in this case we had some good clues. If you wake up and feel some very strong emotions and thoughts it is likely that those thoughts are linked entirely to the dream. The dreamer had gone back to sleep and immediately broken his promise that he had made the night before.

So how can we seek to prove a connection between the thoughts he woke up with and the dream itself? How do the symbols prove that the dream was linked? Well firstly what would we expect to find in the dream? The dreamer woke up with strong feelings which linked to his own broken promises and failure to keep to a routine and show more discipline. The dream should deal with those themes.

The one main theme in the dream is military. He has military training. The military is the main symbol in dreams for the need to show greater discipline. The soldier shows great discipline in following orders and following a strict schedule. The military is linked to building character and self control. Here it is an excellent symbol to express the main theme of his promise to God that he made the night before - the need to show greater discipline.

That is the one main symbol that links to real life. That is an excellent link. There are other symbols too. The dream shows him wearing different clothes at different points. Clothes often symbolise his own wish to show to the world how he wants to be seen. Clothes link to his own image. In this case they link more to his own self image. He wants to prove to himself his self discipline. When he wears a T-shirt it is symbolic of his own casual attitude previously. Later he is wearing combat gear. This probably represents his own wish to be seen as more serious and involved in his own attitude to life.

The dream also features the police. The police could symbolise two things here. Its difficult to tell exactly. They could either symbolise his own feeling that he has broken some "rule" that he has set himself. They could also symbolise the chaos in his mind when he awoke. He woke up and plans had gone wrong. Police often link to moments when our mind is in chaos. They represent the need for order within our minds.

Farmers and crops can link to feelings that we are trying to encourage in ourselves. We plant seeds which will grow. In real dreams crops can link to systematic attempts to improve ourselves generally. So burnt crops link to the feelings in the dreamer. He had tried to encourage and nurture his own self improvement. He had tried to develop himself. The burnt crops show this had failed.

The dream also deals with different jobs. The dreamer probably uses this as a symbol of his need to show greater discipline and effort in order to achieve his goals in life. The different jobs tend to link to his feelings on waking up. He had broken his promises and shown ill discipline. He therefore was showing an aptitude which would lead him into a less demanding job.

Symbolic Meanings
COMBAT GEAR : "the dreamer with a more disciplined attitude "
CROPS : "the dreamer is trying to encourage a certain way of thinking in himself "
MILITARY : "The dreamer wishes to show discipline and self control"
POLICE : "an need for order - the dreamer wakes with chaos in his mind"
T-SHIRT : "The dreamers own bad self image - his lazy casual attitude"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have trying to address my own laziness. I have been trying to get up earlier. But yesterday I just slept in. I know I have got to get out of these bad habits if I am to progress in life"

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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