Killing snakes - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I went to a resort with my office colleagues where the top management was been given good resort and rooms and middle level management were given a kind of OK resort and rooms. Finally we all went to have dinner or lunch not sure, I could see 2 snakes passing through. Then coming inside to have buffet there are lot of snakes passing through and they all are trying to kill those snakes. I am not sure whether they died or not, but I told those guys to kill by stepping on snakes or hitting. To my surprise I can see very small snakes are getting crushed below the shoes of people. For some reason I was on Sofa with others too, I remembered I thought of getting down and killing.

GUESSWORK The evening before The dreamer voiced some concerns over her managers behavior with one of his peers.

The "Guesswork" stage of interpreting a dream involves spotting issues likely to cause dreams. For help with this click here

1. The dream features managers. In real life there was an issue which involved a manager at work. Its likely that this dream is about that issue. Dreams will feature little links to reality like this.
2. Snakes can represent problems of any kind. Any major problem currently in your mind could link to the dream. In this case the dreamer was thinking about something at work. That's the likely cause of the dream.
3. The dreamer is adamant that the snakes should be killed. She is determined that the matter be dealt with. That mirrors reality where she wants the manager dealt with.
4. The dream features management structures. Top managers are treated better than the middle rank. Maybe this dream links to some thought about management structures. Think how management structures relate to this issue. Maybe the dreamer fears that managers will stick together.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers complaint at work. The dream deals with the following themes
- A problem
- managers and management structures
- A determination that the problem is dealt with

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"Managers think they can get away with anything. But I am not prepared to put up with my managers immaturity. I will make sure that the matter is dealt with tomorrow!"

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