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Protecting a kitten - dream dictionary meanings

You can gain a lot of information from a dream about the dreamers personality. How you act in a dream says a lot about you as a person and how you see the world

THE DREAM - I was an engineer in charge of fighting a war. I chose to compose a bridge over an inlet by the ocean. We were primitive people, and when the dream began we were prehistoric or something, just not in the metropolitan lifestyle that I currently live in. It may have been set in the middle ages or on some colony on a foreign planet. Lately I've been comparing something I am doing to what the pioneers did in the US, to go to a primitive land and colonize it.

Anyway, I completed a large portion of this large bridge and was working on one of the last segments. I was on the part that was furthest from the ocean. The bridge looked beautiful but I was concerned that it did not seem to have a foundation, nor did I have the engineering skills to create a foundation (it was too primitive in that society).

Then the tide came in and started washing out the bridge with people still on it and the bridge was a mess, it was an immediate emergency and disaster! I ran back over the part I was on that was furthest from the sea to get to dry land and save myself along with other people on it. The place I was at was actually distant enough that the lacking foundation did not immediately render it a loss. But plenty of other people fell into the inlet, washed out to sea, materials were lost and wasted, and of course this would contribute to what I evaluated as a failure at my initiatives.

Someone wanted to kill me for this. I killed several assassins but one in particular (with glowing eyes) was merciless. In the end I battled this unliving demon with a long sword (samurai sword) and killed him by running him through in close proximity (hand to hand).

As I was running away again I turned into one of my sisters kids two kids, and the other kid (my brother) was with me. We were running into the car, from the back hatch door. We were going somewhere in the car with my boyfriend and I. In this part of the dream it was more personal. My boyfriend was the dad and I was here the mom, we were in the dream as our 'parents'. Then there was the adorable kitten trying to climb the seat after us and it fell asleep hanging from the back seat. Its cute pink tongue sticking out a little. I reached back to cup the kitty, and then held the kitten gently and lovingly in my lap to protect it as it slept.

THE REALITY The dreamer was in the military so she was used to communicating,fighting, sacrificing, building and communicating. She was used to putting every effort into achieving her goals. The previous day her boyfriend had talked about getting a kitten for their children. Their relationship was under pressure because they were from different cultures. Over the weekend the dreamer had tried to get her boyfriend to make decision about their family without success. This idea of the kitten was an excellent idea which left her feeling positive about the direction the relationship was heading.

THE INTERPRETATION Often dreams are triggered by recent events. The day before this the dreamers boyfriend decided to buy a kitten to help bring their children together. So when this cat appears in the dream it must in some way relate to this. The dream ends positively so its obvious that this idea had left the dreamer feeling immensely positive about the future. There is a homely feel about the end of the dream which obviously represents the sense of family which they were trying to achieve in real life.

Often you can tell someone's personality from the dream. The dream features relentless challenges and problems which the dreamer tackles energetically. In real life she was in the military and the dream captures the energy and determination which someone from the military possesses.

Its likely the challenges and problems in the dream represent the various difficulties she had recently faced with her relationship. She had been trying to persuade her husband to take more decisions independently of his family.

Its very much an emotional dream showing the dreamers determination. It shows her vision and belief in what she was doing. There is a sense of vision with hints of the pioneer spirit in early America. Its a dream about how she wants to live her life and how she feels positively about the situation at present.

Symbolic Meanings
BRIDGE : " Crossing over to a better situation "
FAILURE OF MY INITIATIVES : " The dream was about the failure of her own initiatives - she felt a sense of failure over the weekend"
KITTEN : " A literal symbol - representing her boyfriends suggestion idea of buying a kitten. "
HAND TO HAND COMBAT : " struggles like this often link to highly involved struggles and situations in your own life"
PIONEER : " The dreamer was doing something at the time that reminded her of the early pioneers of America. This dream taps into her own pioneer spirit. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My current relationship with my boyfriend faces many obstacles. I have been putting a great deal of effort into getting the relationship on the right track. Over the weekend there were some setbacks. But yesterday my boyfriend talked about buying a kitten to bring the family together. It leaves me with a sense of satisfaction. "

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