Dream interpretation - throwing things out

THE DREAM I am in my college student flat from years ago. I am tidying up everything. I am throwing things out. They are odd and useless items. I am throwing them out without thinking.

THE REALITY The dreamer knew that he maybe moving soon if a flat came up in an apartment across town. He had not been well and really had become very untidy. He knew that if he was to move he would have to sort through his house to get himself ready for the move.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Many symbols are quite literal. In this case the need to tidy up made a great deal of sense to the dreamer. He knew that he had to sort out his flat because he might be moving soon.

Dreams will occur at pivotal moments. In this case the dreamers health had improved the previous day. He realised that this was an excellent opportunity to start sorting things out.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
TIDY :"The dreamers real life need to tidy up and sort through his house"
THROW THINGS OUT :"The dreamer tends to hoard things so in the dream he realises that he is going to have to just throw things out without worrying too much"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I might have the opportunity to move soon. I really have to start getting things sorted. The house needs a good clear out. I know I have been unwell but I felt a little better yesterday so I should take this improvement in my help as the starting point. I need to start sorting things out for a possible move!"

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