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Grabbing snakes - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was with some man. I knew him in the dream, but in waking life I do not know him. We had to go through a series of obstacles and at the end there was something we would get or we could have been looking for something. But there was something at the end for us if we got through all the obstacles thrown our way. The first was a large hole in the floor that we had to swing from a rope in a circle to get to the bottom. Each completed circle we were closer to the bottom. Next we went through a screen door and into the back yard, which had a large cage in front of us. We thought we could go through it because all it had in it was cats. As we got close to it we saw that it was not cats. It was some animal with a pig face and a possum body and tail, so we did not go through it. For some reason we knew we could not go to our right and we had no choice, but to go to our left. The man was ahead of me and for some reason he stopped and came back to go back in through the screen door. When we tried there were 2 rattle snakes there and we could not get by them. So we turned around and there was my bed in the yard. I laid down on the bed and I have no idea where the man went, but these 2 snakes came toward the bed. They crawled onto the bed with me, but when they got to me they had turned into cartoon snakes and they were blue. They were real at the screen door. So I started hitting at them with a yellow broom. It did not work, so I grabbed one with my left hand and started to choke it. I kept hitting at the one on the right with the broom, which did not work, so I grabbed it and started choking it too. The last I remember is seeing these 2 snakes gasping for air as I choked them. I was never afraid in my dream. I was confident and I felt secure that I was going to win.

THE REALITY In real life the dreamer broke up with her boyfriend three months before the dream. But recently she had been contacted by him and he was showing concern and interest in her. Her ex boyfriend claims that he did not start seeing his new girlfriend until after he had broken up with the dreamer. But the dreamer does not believe this and does not trust his new girlfriend.

THE INTERPRETATION Snakes are symbols of problems and traps that the dreamer is facing. Here there are two snakes. That often links to situation when there are two possible alternatives or where the dreamer has mixed feelings. It tends to symbolise moments when you have two ways of looking at the world.

This dream is obviously not easy to understand as it is entirely symbolic dealing with pigs,snakes and unknown men. But actually the dream does seem very consistent with the real life issues which are dominating the dreamers mind at present.

The unknown man could easily represent her ex boyfriend. Men often symbolise aggressive and pushy actions. Here it could symbolise how he is pushing his way back into her life. But it could also be a symbol of her ex boyfriend himself. He is unknown because much of what he says she does not truly trust.

Snakes are symbols of all kinds of traps and deceptions. He could easily symbolise the dreamers feelings about her ex and inability to trust exactly what he says.

The left and right are often symbolic in dreams. The left can link to the left brain and the real world and the past. The right links to the right mind(the home of the imagination) and the future and thoughts about the future. Here the left hand is used maybe symbolic of the dreamer looking at the past with he ex boyfriend and dwelling on what happened in reality rather than what he is saying.

The pig could easily symbolise her ex boyfriend. He is literally associated with all the negative aspects of pigs.

Beds are very personal symbols. They symbolise moments when people have made very personal approaches to you and shown care and consideration for your feelings. That would link to the personal concern the dreamers ex has shown for her just recently.

The dream then simply shows that the dreamer is wary of her ex boyfriend and maybe is trying not to trust him. She is thinking of the hurt he has caused her in the past.

Symbolic Meanings
BED : " a very personal symbol - symbolic of the personal concern and help the ex boyfriend is showing for the dreamer"
LEFT HAND : "looking at issues through the left brain - concentrating on the facts and the past"
PIG : "her ex boyfriend"
SNAKES : "traps and problems - wondering if she should trust her ex boyfriend"
TWO : "mixed feelings about something - in two minds about her ex boyfriend"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do not trust what my boyfriend says. We have got back together but I do not believe him when he says he was not seeing me and his ex at the same time. He is a lair"

See how specific thoughts processes (second thoughts and doubts)are portrayed within the dream symbols.

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