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Dream - asked to make cup of coffee

Dreams use metaphors - this dream uses an old and battered cup as a symbol for someone who was tired and exhausted.

THE DREAM - My mum asked me to make her a hot drink (coffee?) so I pulled a mug out of the draw. It looked pretty old and battered, it wasn't a good cup as it use to be. I thought perhaps the glass might brake because it couldn't handle the hot water.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been told by a Internet friend that he was prone to tiredness and was actually exhausted so could not immediately answer his questions on a subject they both shared an interest in. The friend had had a lot of work to do that week.

THE INTERPRETATION Coffee is a stimulant and is often associated with concentration and hard work. So that battered coffee mug was associated with tiredness and mental exhaustion.

Water often symbolises energy and flows of energy and motivation. Hot water is associated with fast flows of energy and extreme effort.

The dream represented how the dreamer was comprehending how his web friend felt. It is difficult to understand people we know only on the Internet so this was probably the first time he realised that his web friend was not super human and able to cope with questions immediately.

Symbolic Meanings
BRAKE : "the dreamer realises that his friend has to slow down and take a brake "
MUM : "a concern for someone's well being "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was thinking about my friend and how he helps me out. He told me he could not help me yesterday because he was a little exhausted. I think I understand."

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