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Dream of death which could be a premonition

THE DREAM I was sitting in a car with people but I couldn't see anyone there. I wasn't driving. At the back of us was another car with my cousins in it. I live with them. I had in my hand a newspaper and it had a picture of a girl that I went to school with I was reading the article about her because I just found out she had died. Whilst reading this article I hear my cousin shouting in the back from the other car to throw the newspaper away as this girl that just died was going to follow me. Straight after that I dreamt of another cousin of mine( a boy 19 yrs) standing with 2 other men and he was telling me that they just died and they going to the grave yard.

THE REALITY when the dreamer woke up she immediately told her cousin about it. After a while we received a phone call from another cousin saying that her neighbour just committed suicide. He burnt himself at the grave yard. The dreamer didn't think anything of it at the time, and only realised it after 2pm that day when her cousin came home. Because they had to drop off an aunt at home and while in the car they got a phone call telling them that the aunt's uncle had just died.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams can be premonitions. Often they will reveal quite day to day thoughts and feelings. Yet in some cases they will pick up surprise events from the next day(and even further into the future). In this case the dream seems to definitely link to events from the day to come.

Both the dream and real life feature a cousin. They are different cousins. But its not uncommon for a dream to substitute one person for another - one co-worker for another, one cousin for another etc.

Perhaps the best link to the dream being a premonition is the fact that it happened twice and the dream featured death twice. In real life a neighbour committed suicide and an uncle died. In the dream death featured twice.

Symbolic Meanings
ARTICLE : " This captures the thoughts and serious reflection the dreamer felt the next day. Seriously thinking about premonitions "
CAR : " The premonitions was intensely linked to a car journey of her cousin "
COUSIN : " The real life events linked to a cousin. Dreams will often feature one cousin when the dream is actually about another cousin. That's just the way dreams work "
NEWSPAPER : " The latest news in the dreamers life. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think the dream was a premonition of the next day and the deaths that occurred. The dream featured death twice and in fact that's what occurred. ".

Try to see how the dreams symbols link to an unexpected event that happened the next day.

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