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Odd woman and her husband -dream analysis

THE DREAM I am walking along a country path. There is loads of cow muck along the way which I am trying to avoid. I am thinking that this has been done on purpose. I am then in a river. There is one of the scissor sisters there(they are two notorious local women who stick out because of their bizarre clothes). She says to me that I "remind her of her husband".

1. The dreamer felt he had a great deal in common with the Scissor Sister. She was a notorious local who had a known reputation as odd.
2. The dreamer wanted to develop his relationship with a woman. He wanted her to think how close they had become - like a husband.
3. The dreamer had been trying to avoid difficult circumstances with a woman he was attracted too.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had been thinking a lot about woman whom he wanted to develop his relationship with. He felt that things kept going wrong. He wanted to develop his relationship with her but really they had nothing in common. He felt that she came from a very different world. In fact he felt he had more in common with people on the fringes of society who did not really fit in.
The dream does seem as if it could be linked to the issue mentioned in Guesswork. It seems to cover the following relevant themes.- someone on the fringes of society considered odd or notorious.- A woman feeling affections for a man.If we place these two themes together the best guess as to its meaning is that the dreamer was thinking the following - "I want to become closer and closer to her. But I think I could only form a relationship with someone similar to myself on the fringes of society".

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