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Setting a wolf free - dream meaning

This dreamer had a passionate interest in wolves and so wolves in her dream have a different symbolic meaning - probably linking to her "love of nature".

THE DREAM - I was lost in a forest and was trapped in a cage, I was suspended over water, and the only sign of anything human was a black tower in the distance. At first I was the one within the cage and I was a wolf, throughout the dream I recalled a person watching me that was neither human nor animal. Eventually the cage opened and I landed in the snow, and I was no longer the wolf, but setting a wolf free who had fallen beside me. The wolf said to me that I had done enough and I could rest knowing he would be safe now. I got the distinct feeling that the wolf had been in a cage in another dream but I do not remember this. he had bright golden eyes and insisted he would be all right and I didn't have to worry about him any more, and he ran away into the forest.

THE REALITY The dreamers had a passionate interest in foxes and wolves and was trying to persuade people in his town to let them be. Sometimes this passion turned to anger. The dreamer was getting too involved in the issue.

THE INTERPRETATION Most dreams come from within us. They tell us we think and feel. The dream was wanting to help animals in real life but the wolf in this dream was telling him he had done enough. Its really a matter of getting the right balance. The dreamer had a tendency to get too involved and angry about animal issues. Actually this achieves nothing. So a better way would be to try to step back a little.

Symbolic Meanings
WOLF :"The dreamer was interested in animal cruelty issues and was particularly fond of wolves and foxes"
WOLF IS OK:"The dreamer was telling himself to be less emotionally involved and angry about this"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do believe in campaigning against animal cruelty. But I perhaps get too involved. I should try to concentrate my energies on campaigning rather than getting angry. There is only so much I can do. Getting angry doesn't actually achieve anything"

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