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Dream symbols - huge college

Strong moods can carry over into dreams. This dreamer was feeling very positive and was eagerly wanting to get a task completed.

THE DREAM I am in a big college. A man comes up to me and starts showing me how to do something. The dream seemed to be very positive. I felt a real sense of enthusiasm in the dream. The same sense that I got a college when I had a real thirst for new knowledge.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been asked to complete a task at work. He was very enthusiastic about this. Recently he had been very ill. This new task had revived his enthusiasm. He had not felt such a feeling of energy towards a task for a long time. The dreamer also recognized that he needed to learn some new skills to complete this task. He knew that he needed to ask questions on an internet forum to see how things could be done.

THE INTERPRETATION Often we can interpret dreams in reverse. We look at important issues in reality and then see how very important issues associate with the dream symbols. Lets see how we can reverse engineer this dream?

In the dream there is a real sense of enthusiasm. When dreams are quite emotional they often simply mirror real life emotions felt the previous day. In this case the dreamer did feel a real sense of enthusiasm. He had been set a new task at work.

The dream has one important symbol. The man showing the dreamer what to do. This clearly does have a link to reality. It did express the direction of the dreamers thinking. He had already been mapping out what to do as regards this task. He was going to use the internet to ask for guidance on how to use a certain software package. Internet forums can be a real source of knowledge and the dreamer was determined to ask for as much help as possible.

Dream Symbols
COLLEGE : "The dreamer had shown a real vigour for a new task - he was eager to learn new skills"
SHOWN HOW TO DO SOMETHING : "The dreamer needed to ask on the internet how to complete this new task. He recognized that others could help him."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am really enthusiastic about this new task I have been set. I will start tomorrow by asking around on the internet about how to use the software I will need to use"

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