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Dream interpretation - Large department store

Dreams portray your most important current feelings. In this case the dreamer was thinking about the empty day ahead and we might guess that the empty department store was symbolic of the lack of options open to him.
THE DREAM - I am in some large department store. Much of the store is sectioned off and not open.

THE REALITY Recently the dreamer had been occupying himself very well. But the next day was due to be quite empty. A club where he usually met people was closed the next day. Also one of the dreamers best friends was out of town the next day.

DREAM INTERPRETATION We go into shops to buy the things that we want. Shops in dreams often refer to things that you want on real life - but in a much looser way. They often refer to interests and hobbies and ways in which we are occupying ourselves.

Many dreams, if properly interpreted, would just tell us things that we already know. Key thoughts and feelings which we were all to aware of from the day before or from life in general right now. This dreamer had been thinking about the coming day. His options were very limited for the coming day. The sections of the Department Store closed off represent those options as they were closed off in real life.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
DEPARTMENT STORE:"Your various options in life and interests"
CLOSED OFF:"Various options in real life were closed off to the dreamer on the next day"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "Tomorrow will be quite a difficult day. Some of the things I regularly do will not be available tomorrow. I wonder how I will occupy myself"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight into the dreamers thoughts about the next day

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