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Good nightmares and werewolf

This dreamer was obsessed with dragons and werewolves so its likely that her dream about werewolves differs in its meaning to most peoples. Here the werewolves are more linked to her imagination and fantasies.

THE DREAM In my dreams I'm always either happy or cautious. But in my werewolf dreams I feel alive and free. Lately I've been having more werewolf dreams and when I look online they all say the same thing. And none of them apply to me. For example, I remember my dreams vividly and one night a few weeks ago I dreamt I was a human with a secret. My friend and I were running on a track racing each other. She pointed to the opposite side of the field where there were a few hooded guys. I looked up in the sky and it was evening and I started to panic. She knew of my secret and said she wanted to help me. I ran away faster than she could catch up. I down an alleyway and phased painlessly. But when I looked up, the hooded figures were barring fangs and swords. I jumped at them and attacked; killing them. I ran/jumped up a castle type building and growled at the small army of vampires. I dodged arrows and killed them one after another. I went inside and bit some of the townsfolk. When I came back out I howled and was joined by my friend as she was phasing. After that, we slaughtered most of the remaining vampires and the dream ended. When I woke up, I was saddened that it ended.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was an introverted female who was obsessed with dragons and werewolves. She loved to daydream. All of her werewolf dreams were positive.

THE INTERPRETATION In this case the dreamer was very interested in werewolves and other supernatural phenomena. She had many werewolf dreams and maybe these were connected simply to her strong imagination. The dreams were her minds way of expressing this imagination.

Dreams can be linked to our wish fulfillment. In dreams we rehearse what we want to do. Sexual dreams can express our strong urges to have sex. We our playing out our fantasies in dreams.

Sometimes we lie awake thinking about something that we intend to do the next day. You might, for instance, be thinking about how you want to get started on some important project the next day. During a dream you may dream about getting started on this important task. A similar process is going on here.

The dreamer also stated that she was very introverted. So perhaps this links into the types of dreams that she has. Introverted people will tend to play out their fantasies in their imaginations rather than trying to turn their plans into reality. So her dreams will link into her fantasies rather than real life issues. Here all kinds of extreme things will happen as our imagination gets carried away.

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