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A horrifying cat dream

The night before the dreamer was thinking about a young boy who had been murdered - its easy to see how this dream is connected to that.

DREAM - A horrifying cat dream My cat was tied up with rope around his body. There were drawing pins stuck into him at the end of the rope, he was walking around me meowing softly. We were in a dark place. He came over to me and I started to panic that he was hurt and was horrified at what I was seeing. I gently started to pull them out, there was blood on the pins, as I went to pull out the pin at the side of his head I woke up.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The dreamer had been thinking about a young boy who was murdered nearby. If something has traumatized you then its possible that you will have a dream about something which is equally traumatizing but which seems totally unrelated. This traumatic dream shows how much the dreamer was emotionally affected by this local murder.

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