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Dream about a swaying skyscraper

Try to concentrate less on conventional symbols and more on words describing emotions. This dream mentions and "courage" and "reminding myself" - these words help describe hwo the dreamer is relating to the main issues in his life.

THE DREAM The dream started off with me inside visiting a few friends / business associates inside of a tall skyscraper. The building was kind of like one of the taller ones you might find in New York City or Chicago. It was surrounded by other building of similar stature. I walked out to a window noticed the building swaying like tall buildings do when it is windy out. Strangely, the building kept swaying almost touching the ground at times and swinging around in circles or back and forth up and down. Up and down and around. The building I was in was getting real close the other buildings around it but miraculously missed them by inches. Although I had fear of this swaying, I kept reminding myself that building was built to withstand this, though scared I stayed courageous and rode it out until I woke up. Weirdly the other people in the building kept working with less than moderate concern for what was happening with the swaying action. At one point the building did make contact with some support wires of another building but no damage was made.

For some reason during this dream, I made a reference to another dream that showed one of my friends in a similar business as one I am in. He was making 4 times more money than normal (something like $5000.00 dollars per week.) He face shined with happiness, peace and a humble spirit. We smiled at each other and then I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer was in his mid 30's, trying to change careers and taking classes in web design while running a cleaning business and raising a family. Recently he had been in a good mood and was starting to feel confident about his future even though he did not have a clear vision of the direction he was heading. He had been trying to ramp up his motivation for school.

THE INTERPRETATION If you are spending a lot of time thinking about what you are doing and trying to improve yourself then this can easily trigger dreams.

Through past experience skyscrapers can link to ambitions. They represent great heights and with that confidence,success and even feeling good. In this case this dreamers recent thoughts clearly involved these themes so its safe to assume that this dream links to the dreamers pursuit of these goals.

How should we attempt to interpret the dream? Its first best to see what the dreamers key thoughts and insights were regarding this theme. Then try to see how the dream symbols are consistent with and can represent this thought.

In this case the dreamer was really trying to improve his motivations. he was studying and thinking about deep mind control. He had become interested in many things related to this - showing an interest in dreams and the mind itself in many ways. He was thinking about, assessing and experimenting with confidence building. He was pushing the whole process to its very limit. This was not just some empty rhetoric. He was deeply interacting with the ideas he had read.

The dream involves these swaying skyscrapers. Skyscrapers represent confidence. If a skyscraper was to fall down then this would represent a collapse of confidence. Therefor the dreamer was aware of the dangers of going too far. He wanted to improve his own confidence yet did not want to over reach himself.

The dream also involves this other dream. This is an association with the dreamers study of the mind and probably his interest in dreams. When you start to look at old dreams in detail and study your own mind in detail then references will be made to old dreams.

The dream involves this friend who starts to earn significantly more earnings. The dreamer is smiling at him. This smile shows his affinity towards doing as well as you can. When you smile you are saying that you like something and that you want it. The friend was achieving great success yet had a humble spirit. This maybe gives a clue to the dreamers own thinking. He wanted to achieve as much as possible but not using ruthless methods but rather respecting people and

Symbolic Meanings
SKYSCRAPER: "The pursuit of success and ambitions. Feeling confident and even feeling good"
HUMBLE: "The dreamer respects other people and does not want to pursue success at the expense of others rather achieving success by encouraging the best in people "
PREVIOUS DREAM: "Often previous dreams appear in your dreams because you have been thinking about them a lot."
SMILES AT SUCCESSFUL FRIEND: "The dreamer is looking at what he wants and showing his affinity towards it"
SWAYING SKYSCRAPER: "The dreamer is exploring the very limits of success. Going as far as he can without crashing"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am really trying to improve my motivations. I think anyone can realize their ambitions. I like to study the mind and right now I am pushing things as far as they can go."

See how the symbolic meanings link with an insight into the dreamers own thoughts

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