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sex with brother in law - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I keep on having dreams about my brother in law, they are not always sexual, but sometimes they are very sexual. He is everything my husband is not. He's kind, has a good job, good looking(my husband is good looking, but not as good looking as his brother), owns his own home, and raised his daughter alone, which I admire very much. The dreams always end up differently. Sometimes I am rejected and sometimes I am not. Yet I think about him often. I am not his type, yet he is always so kind. Out of 5 brothers he is the one with his act together. We get along very well, but he lives 200 miles away and we rarely see him.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams use people as symbols. This dreamer maybe attracted to her brother in law. But most importantly he symbolises the characteristics that she likes in a man. Often sex in dreams links not to someone you are attracted to but to an attraction to some quality they have in their personality.

The best way to think about a dream like this is for the dreamer to honestly ask themselves the question : Am I attracted to this man in an open sexual way. If not then his appearance in the dream is symbolic in some way. Many Freudian theories tend to emphasise sexual desires which are hidden within us. But these are often exaggerated and not based in reality. Clearly, if the dreamer is not harboring a sexual attraction then there is no need to impose one. She is the best person to judge this.

There is clear evidence that the dreamer looks upon the man in an openly stereotyped fashion as an ideal. There is no reason to move beyond that point. This dream and the others that she has about this man link to the recurring theme in her life. She continues to see him as an ideal and someone who she wishes her husband was more like.

Symbolic Meanings
SEX : "a strong attraction - the dreamer is strongly attracted to many features of her brother in law. Yet this is not a sexual attraction"

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