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Dream - sharks, vacation,husband,Russia, Kremlin and Russian

Each symbol in a dream may be a loose metaphor for an aspect of your feelings. Therefore dreams may feature many random symbols such as sharks, the Kremlin, and the dreamers husband. Dreams maybe seen as messy poetry as these metaphors jump around.

THE DREAM My dream started out on vacation with his family but not exactly where we will be. We will be by the ocean but in my dream we were staying in shacks right on the ocean and we had an old coast guard boat to use. The dream was long and all over the place so I will give you cliff notes, Basically I saw a shark and in all the chaos my husband and I ended up on a ship that was to take us to his family. We took a LONG route that included Haiti, Siberia and then I realized I was on the back of a bus speaking broken Russian to a women as we were driving by the Kremlin. There is a lot more but the general theme was boats.

THE REALITY The night before the dream the dreamer had stayed with a girlfriend. She was due to go on holiday with her husband of one year with his family next week. The dreamer adores her husband and his family but her husband prior to their marriage had been the black sheep, an image they were working on changing. She had threatened not to go because of some issues she had been having with his bad habits and were their lives were as a result. The day before my dream they had a long talk and she felt like they made some important headway. She explained the importance of family as well as taking care of other things that are having are hindering the lifestyle she has been accustomed to living.

THE INTERPRETATION When something big happens we can almost guarantee that a dream will link to that big event or situation. Its just a matter of seeing how the events from the previous day translate into real life emotions.

Look for obvious ways in which a theme appears in real life and in the dream. In real life the dreamer was "on the lookout" for "danger signs" with her husbands behaviour. This is an obvious theme in theme as the dreamer is looking out for danger signs with the surrounding sharks.

Think of other ways in which the other symbols might link into related themes. The shack is a symbol of poverty perhaps and poor circumstances. May be this could represent a thought like "I just worry that the holiday ends badly" and we have a "poor time". So a "poor house" could represent a "poor time" where your experiences are largely negative.

Now try to weave together these possible symbolic meanings into a wider thought process. This type of thought features both of these themes of "danger signs" and "poor circumstances" - "I had a serious talk with my husband yesterday. I want to eliminate his bad habits. I just worry that this holiday will descend into a very poor experience."

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