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Long tube dream

Could an invasive surgical operation be a symbol for the dreamers fears about an invasive interview the next day?

THE DREAM I was lying there, in bed and all of a sudden these people appeared above me with a long tube thing, they looked like doctors but I'm not sure, anyway I knew this tube was going to be pushed into me, so they did, and it was painful, right into my shoulder, then I felt my chest start to fill up, felt like blood, during this whole dream I knew I wasn't awake but let it happen anyway as I felt like I needed this tube thing, it was the first time I've felt pain in a dream, it really hurt, I was lying there after the dream ended waiting for them to take it out but I couldn't be bothered and went back to sleep????? When I woke up I was quit stressful that it hadn't been taken out,

THE REALITY The dreamers husband and his parents had been trying to put pressure on her to find work. This was difficult for her because she did not know the language(French). Two days before the dream she got a phone call about a job. She was to receive a second phone call the night before the dream. In this she was being pressured to speak French. The phone call never came but she had been quite stressed about this.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams are very much linked to reality. Often a dream will link to the emotions that are freshest in our minds. If something was happening the day before then you are very likely to dream about this.

The dream featured an invasive medical procedure. In many cases we go to the doctor and face all sorts of invasive questioning and examinations. Such examinations are humiliating and stressful yet we feel we have to undergo these. In this case the dream is using the invasive medical examination and treatment as a symbol for an intense and personal examination that we face in a job interview.

In the dream the tubes had not been taken out. That possibly also links to reality. It symbolises the fact that the invasive examination is not over. The phone call may come at another time. She may also still feel the personal pressure to get a job from her husband and in laws. So its not over yet!

Symbolic Meanings
BED : "something that affects the dreamer very personally - in this case very personal and invasive questions "
DOCTOR : "having to answer openly and honestly even though this is humiliating"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am living with my husband in France. I do not speak the language and find it difficult to get a job. I had to do an interview over the phone last night(though it never happened in the end). I was worried about it and felt really quite stressed out by all the invasive questions I was expecting"

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