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Dream symbols - Dr Who

Dreams can link to real life in any number of ways. This dream featured someone whom the dreamer admired who was behaving out of character in the dream. This was a symbol for the dreamers own "out of character" behaviour.

THE DREAM Dr Who was pointing a gun at an ugly woman. He was threatening her. (Dr Who is a science fiction character who was somewhat a mentor for me - he is always good and honest and always has a sense of humour). His actions here were very much out of character.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had watched an episode of Dr Who. In it the Doctor pointed a gun at a war criminal and threatened to kill him. This was an unusual thing for him to do - he is almost totally non violent. But in this scene he was showing no mercy. Normally he conquers the universe and is remarkably peaceful and merciful. In the episode he was told by his assistant that this was not the way he did things. This statement was quite relevant to the dreamers life at that moment. Recently the dreamer was losing his way. He was becoming very bitter and unhappy. He was losing his easy going nature.

THE INTERPRETATION If we watch something on TV we may think about it deeply. In this case the dreamer was losing his own way in real life - which was the key part of this scene which was repeated in the dream. He was becoming very bitter and twisted and this was not his usual way of doing things. He was genuinely losing his way - just like Dr Who. He was a good person and had to get back to his usual easy going self.

The prevailing themes in the dream hint that the dreamer was feeling "My actions were very much out of character. I like to think of myself as the good guy but recently I have not behaved like that."

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