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Iraq dream

A dream about Iraq was a symbol for the terrible state that the dreamers health had got into

THE DREAM - I am near my childhood home. It is also Iraq. Terrorists are killing loads of people. But I notice that some people are escaping. I then try to escape myself and run down some huge garden. It seems to be more of a tennis court(concrete).

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer wrote a letter to her friend trying to get help. She was in a very worried state and had really had a hard time recently. She was increasingly ill.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams can be highly linked to the previous days events. The resulting dreams may symbolise some key thought or conclusion associated with this. The previous night the dreamer had written a letter to a former friend hoping to get some help. She had been in a terrible and almost intolerable situation recently(symbolised by Iraq which is utterly intolerable). Her health had suffered and now she was at her wits end. She really tried to show how she was suffering intensely and that the situation was truly bad. There was a tone of terror in her letter.

The huge garden symbolised her need to escape the present intense and difficult situation and grow as a person - cultivating new feelings and ways of coping.

The dream was perhaps a review of her strategy. Should she be so intense in her letter? Should she be as direct as she was with her friend? We constantly need to review our actions and will do so in dreams.

Symbolic Meanings
IRAQ : An intolerable situation
TERRORISTS : "Building up a real sense of terror showing just how serious things were"
GARDEN : "Trying to cultivate and grow as a person"
HUGE GARDEN : "Hoping for help from others to teach and encourage you to grow in new ways"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been trying to put across just how bad things are. I built up my own sense of fear. I wanted to describe to my friend just how intolerable life had become. Hopefully she will help me out of this situation".

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