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Giving a baby up for adoption dream

Often dreams will feature a story which seems to have no connection with reality yet the story evokes emotions which are really quite crucial in your current thinking

THE DREAM I dreamed my husband and I were on a long train that was a like a city always on the move. We were in a hotel room on the train when I gave birth to a girl and despite my husband not fully agreeing with my decision, I gave my baby up for adoption because I felt we were too busy during the day to take care of a baby. However, that night I regretted my decision so I decided to try and revoke the adoption. On this city in a train, I had to go up a elevator of a sky scraper to the city hall where the department of child services was. There I asked for my baby back. After a consultation and paper work, they gave me back my baby. I held my baby tightly and close to me as my husband said "I told you we should not have given her up". This dream really disturbed me.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had got into a bad mood with her son and her husband. She walked out on them for a couple of hours. Eventually she came back. But this was meant to be an emotional show to demand some respect. She cared too much for her child and husband to walk away permanently.

DREAM INTERPRETATION dream link to real life issues that are very much in our thoughts. They are very likely to link to our feelings and intuitions. The night before this dream the dreamer made a very bold stand with her son and husband. This was obviously a very dominating issue on her mind at that very time. So its best to go straight to the interpretation. The dream is almost certainly about this one issue. An issue that is dominating our minds the night before will almost certainly cause a major dream .

The dream takes place in a hotel room. Hotels and large buildings are very symbolic in dream . Smaller buildings and houses usually can be said to link to your own feelings and thoughts. Hotels symbolise your own feelings been affected by those around you. Your actions and emotions are shaped by those around you. In this case this links to how her husbands and sons disrespect was having a major impact on her mood.

The early part of this dream also features the train. Trains can be symbolic of fixed ways of thinking. In this dream it may link to how the dreamer was very focused on what she was trying to achieve. Trains can also symbolise how you feel like you have been railroaded into some course of action. That would obviously fit nicely here.

Giving birth symbolises of some fresh and new emotional feeling. That obviously captured the dreamers real life. Something was truly born into her life that night before.

But the babies are very difficult and tricky symbols here. Its easy to see how the dream can link to reality. But its nice to get symbols which hold together in some coherent way. dream can link to thoughts and thought processes but the match must be consistent.

Perhaps at this stage its best to look at the situation of what happened here and then try to find some logical way in which the symbols match. The dreamer left home for a couple of hours to make a statement. But the dream will capture some feeling of how her thoughts developed.

A city that is moving is possibly consistent with the dreamers situation. Cities can link to complex and complicated decisions. That was certainly the case here. The dreamer walked out. She wanted to make a statement but also did not want to actually walk out at all. She deeply cared for her family. But making a judgement about how far to go is a dangerous and tricky decision. The city easily captured how this was a difficult decision with many conflicting things to consider.

The baby is a complex symbol here. Above all it is linked to emotions here. Sometimes its not the symbols but the emotions that are most important in a dream . Babies are linked to family. The dream seems to revolve around the moment when the dreamer hugs her baby. Its the emotions that are linked with that the dream is perhaps trying to capture. And that does indeed correspond to real life. Family is a very abstract concept in that its very much based on emotions. A home is a home and its very easy to define that. But a happy home is very much something that is more an emotional thing. The feelings of respect and togetherness were what were missing during that night. The dreamer felt as if she was not respected and also maybe as if the family was drifting apart. They were living together but separately. Therefore the sense of the family was lacking.

In walking out the dreamer had in a sense given up her child for adoption. Two hours is just a minor time period. But dream see things in such ways. The dreamer indeed said that she had to go back because she had a baby to nurse. That indeed captures the situation here. The dreamer did indeed have conflicting demands in making her decision. She had to make a stand but she was also extremely guilty. Its about balancing feelings in coming to a decision.

The city hall is is a very central place. It often links to extremely public issues. In this sense it can link to the extremely public show the dreamer made. A very public statement.

The hall is also a skyscraper. Skyscrapers link with issues involving respect. That certainly applies here. Where you are in the skyscraper links to how the world or particular people see you. It shows their belief or lack of belief in you. The department deals with child services and that maybe specifically deals with the need for her family to respect her efforts and energy in this respect.

Symbolic Meanings
BABY : "The dreamers own child and her knowledge that she must look after him. She therefore only makes a temporary stand"
CITY : "complex issues where you consider lots of factors and the opinions of others - the dreamer wants her feelings to be known"
ELEVATOR : "wanting greater recognition"
HOTEL : "her husband and child treat her like a hotel service - they get everything done for them and they show no appreciation"
PREGNANT : "new ideas being created in your mind - a new idea and feeling being born into your life"
TOWN : "complex situations involving the feelings of others"
TRAIN : "been railroaded into something - having few options"
TRAIN : "her life is going only in one direction - a grinding daily routine with little recognition"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Things have been the same for ages. I simply had to make a stand. My husband and son have been taking me for granted. So I demanded more respect from them"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers situation

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