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Narrow steep mountain road - dream interpretation

The danger in this dream linked to the dreamers 'dangerous' lifestyle. Underlying the dream was the dreamers acceptance that he needed to slow down.

THE DREAM I was in a small car, kind of like a VW Bug, and I had to drive up this really steep mountain road; no choice. I don't know where it was taking me. The road itself was very poor, lots of pavement gone and rocky. There were a few open, wide spots in the road that were easy to drive on, but very few like that. The rest of it was narrow and dangerous, or at least hard, intense driving. The road had a lot of blind curves, and no guard rails. It was also too narrow in many places for two cars to pass each other. It was dusk, or a little later, because I had to have my headlights on, but could see the road ahead and all the bad curves. I could also see some headlights
As I drove, sometimes I couldn't see the headlights of the other car because they were on an inside curve or something, so I couldn't keep track of where they might be at. And I had to concentrate pretty hard on my own driving because it was so narrow and dangerous. I came to an extremely difficult outside curve where the mountainside was actually overhanging the road, and it was down so low that it was scraping the top and side of my car, but the road was only wide enough for my car to fit on it, so I couldn't move away from the mountain. I was creeping around this curve, listening to the ledge overhead scraping against my car, and then I started feeling the tires on the outside start

GUESSWORK The dreamer lived a hard and somewhat crazy life. This dream showed that the dreamer needed to concentrate very hard on what he was doing. It was a warning against taking too many risks at that time.

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1. Cars often symbolise how you travel through life. They show how you are progressing towards your goals and how you as a person are coping.
2. The dream is full of symbols that suggest the dreamer lives a risky life. The car rolls round corners "on the edge". The roads are narrow and mountain steep. It all suggests hard and dangerous living.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers lifestyle. The dream deals with the following themes
- hard living
- how you progress through life

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I live a crazy lifestyle. Its sometimes a little too risky!"

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