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Baby girl dream

Dreams link to the things on your mind. The day before this dream the dreamer had sex for the first time. It is easy to see how this dream links to the fear of becoming pregnant

THE DREAM I was swimming in an below ground cavern with a guy I'd never met before, he was talking to me about all this personal stuff from his life; how he hated his younger brother, how his parents being divorced has screwed him up etc... Then we found this lake and I wanted to go for a swim, but as I was trying to take my clothes off (I had bathers underneath) he kept grabbing me and wouldn't let me move/continue getting undressed, so I stopped trying and noticed a dark shape in the water... I leant over and the guy pulled me back hastily, just in time to see a massive great white jump out of the water and snap its teeth together where my head had been not even a second before... I then find myself at my mum's house and I've had two little baby girls, I named one Lily and the father (my boyfriend in reality) and I were still discussing the name of the other baby... My cousin who is 18 and has a 1 y/o baby girl herself came over and tried to hide Lily in the linen closet while me and the father were debating over whether to name our other daughter Eve or Ariel.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I had sex for the first time the day before I had this dream, but I wouldn't let him 'finish' because we didn't have a condom... My parents are divorced, I have a younger brother and my parents live over half an hour apart. I normally don't remember my dreams, but this one stuck with me for days

Posted at August 13, 2011, 20:06 by t08grazianot (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED August 14, 2011, 01: 7: 37) Dreams do not really help you. They are often just the way our minds process and store emotional ideas and thoughts. This dream is undoubtedly about your first sexual experience. It probably shows how you felt about this. It will show the types of thoughts going through your mind. Here is an idea of those ideas going through your mind -

A guy I'd never met before = "When we had sex it was like I was meeting a whole new person"

He was talking to me about all this personal stuff from his life = perhaps he opened up emotionally beforehand

He hated his younger brother = maybe a symbol to show how grown up he feels. He's trying to be older not immature

Screwed him up = he is showing you his vulnerable side and talking about his weaknesses

I stopped trying = Just a symbol for when you let go and let him have sex

Noticed a dark shape in the water = your looking for hidden dangers e.g. pregnancy fears

I've had two little baby girls = again about pregnancy fears

Me and the father were debating over whether to name our other daughter Eve or Ariel = perhaps thinking of your post sex chat. Assessing how caring he was.

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