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Ugly old witch dream

THE DREAM I was wandering through that city until I found one destroyed building. In it was some ugly old witch like lady, that set curses around. Inside there was mirror and in mirror I've seen other ugly looking woman. The Story was like this, either of them influences other to be evil and set curses, but it was mirror like so I couldn't understand which one influences other, but one of them told me that nothing will happen to me.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had just travelled to a new country to find work. The city he had moved to had a huge ethnic divide. The dreamer wondered if this country was a safe place to settle.

DREAM ANALYSIS: If you have only been thinking of one thing the day before a dream then its easy to understand it's symbolism. If you believe that dreams link to your thoughts and feelings then surely if you have been thinking of one thing then surely that dream is about this subject. You just have to think about how the symbolism works.

The dreamer has just moved to a new country and so he is trying to make sense of that new place and trying to make sense of the culture. The witches are not a good sign and they hint at a negative symbolism. Witches hint at negativity and evil lurking within this society. That may sound very biblical but all it amounts to is that the dreamer sensed danger from the cities ethnic divide.

Notice the mirrors. That is an interesting symbol. It has relevance to places with an ethnic divide. People will often say about any city with a religious division that both sides are just as bad as each other. That's maybe the meaning of the mirrors. That fanatical Muslims are just as bad as fanatical Christians. That Catholics are just as bad as Protestants. This suggests that the dreamer sensed stubborn ethnic difficulties and that all were as bad as each other.

Notice this portion of at the dream "one of them told me that nothing will happen to me." That suggests that the dreamer at least senses some friendly faces in this new country.

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