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Intruded dream

THE DREAM I was in this girls house talking to her. She was quite pretty. Her boyfriend was there. I was visiting but I felt a bit intrusive. Like I had no right to be there and had just invited myself. I was out of place.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The previous day the dreamer had been having some strong sexual fantasies about a girl he did not know at all.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dreamer had been having major fantasies about a girl he was attracted too. He didn't know her at all so this was entirely fantasy. So the dream he had that night made sense. He was intruding in this house because if he went into this girls house in real life he would be a complete stranger. So the dream simply reminds the dreamer that this is inappropriate thinking, entirely fantasy. It also throws in a boyfriend. That reminds the dreamer that this girl may already have a boyfriend.

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