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Unable to use brakes dream

THE DREAM I was driving a fire engine down a street. It was more like precinct mostly people walking along. I was not sure how to use the brakes. I was scared I would hit someone.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamers mental health was very poor and life constantly felt like a struggle. The previous day the dreamer had the urge to confront someone. He was feeling very petty and might have ended up doing something stupid.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Look for little associations that you can make between real life and a dream. In real life this dreamer had noticed how he felt like he was "not in control" whereas in the dream he was "clearly not in control" of the fire engine. The Fire Truck was in danger of plowing into pedestrians. The theme of "not being in control" featured both in the dream and in reality.

So it seems that the dream was about the dreamer not feeling in control. Lets flesh this out a little by referring to his real life state of mind. The dreamer felt he was losing control psychologically and was in danger of snapping with people who he had petty grievances with. He was in danger of losing his temper with people who were really quite innocent. The Fire truck going too fast and in danger of hitting people was a symbol of his out of control temper. It would hit people who were completely innocent. This replicated reality as the dreamer feared that if he lost control innocent people would be affected.

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