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Protected by SAS - dream

Our dreams may not seem to be relevant to everyday life. This dream dealt with SAS special forces. However, careful analysis shows that in real life the dreamer was in need of protection at the time - which is one of the main functions of special forces.

THE DREAM - I was being protected by SAS special forces. There was one man as protection and just one man chasing me. We were chased up a mountain and the man chasing us attacked the protection and then turned on me.

GUESSWORK The previous day the dreamer was sent an offensive email from a someone. The person who sent the email was very unpredictable and vindictive. The dreamer felt that he would be protected by others around him but he was not completely sure.

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1. The dreamer was being attacked. This could represent any form of personal attack in real life. The dreamer had just been sent a very nasty email by someone. The email is almost certainly about this.
2. The dreamer has protection in the dream (the best in Special Forces). This represents the belief in the dreamer that other people would protect him if this offensive email actually tried to attack him in person. The only place they were likely to meet.
3. The attacker overcomes the protection. This represents the real life fear that the person who sent the email was capable of anything.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream seems to linked to the personal attacks the previous day. It covers the following themes.
- A personal attack
- A belief that people will defend him
- A worry that this vindictive attacker may take matters to any length.

Together the dream captures these real thoughts "I know he is out to get me. He will not be able to get to me in the only place we are likely to meet because the people there will defend me. But there again who knows what he is possible of!"

The dream seems to use an extremely relevant metaphor. The dreamer felt he was in need of some high level protection in real life. He felt he would be supported yet there was still a doubt. People who get the protection of special forces are left in no doubt that their safety is of the utmost importance.

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