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Dream analysis - killing at Harvard

THE DREAM I was sort of floating over Harvard and the grounds, and the campus and was enjoying the beautiful scenery - in my dream, I belonged there. Then I started walking around and met lots of people I know. Suddenly, my eye caught a woman I did not like and knew that was going to do something bad to me so I walked carefully behind her and slit her throat but without killing her, I only wanted to give her a warning not to mess with me. Lots of people come to congratulate me on the brave deed. Then I met a man, who has a very high position (and is my cousin actually) he was with his mother, and they congratulated me on my baby.

THE REALITY The woman whose throat the dreamer cut was actually an actress in a silly movie she was watching before going to bed. In that movie the woman played a very bad character. Before that the dreamer watched an episode of CSI episode on a woman found with a slit throat. The woman from the first movie had red hair - just like the dreamer.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Many many dreams are triggered by events from the day before. If the dreamer has a quiet day then a dream may link to some TV program that they got caught up in.

Knifes are often about issues and feelings that we are getting very involved with. Its all in a very personal way. In this case the stabbing shows that the dreamer really got involved with this TV program. So the very presence of this knife shows that the dreamer really got into this film.

As we watch TV we also bring to the story issues in our own life. A TV program may touch on emotions in our own life. The TV program obviously featured a rich and impressive lifestyle. The mention of the baby symbolised how she felt extremely proud of this at that moment.

Dreams capture emotions as they are formed. In real life TV will often stir us up. If a dreamer watches the film Braveheart it may stir up some emotions in the dreamers life where he or she wishes to assert their own freedom. So in dreams the story of the TV program and the real life emotions that they stir are mixed together in some bizarre story.

The dreamer was living separately from her partner at that moment and she was spending most of her time looking after her new baby. So TV gave her the chance to feel involved with the world a little more and play out her own emotions.

Symbolic Meanings
BABY : "watching TV makes the dreamer think about her own life. She sees stories which capture meaning in her own life"
KILLING : "someone whom you dislike and wish to resist"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been looking after my young baby. Often I do not get much contact with adults. So watching TV last night I found it was a way of releasing tension. I guess its just natural escapism".

See how the Symbolic meanings portray the dreamers current state of mind - showing how she managed to unwind the night before

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