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Glowing white celestial clothes - dream analysis

THE DREAM - I am walking on a side-walk it seems celestial, everything glowing and white. I am going north, and all others are going south and are to the right of me. As they pass me I ask a question. I don't know what I ask,but the answer they give is always the same. "Alexandria Scribe!!" they all say it in a tone as if like saying Alexandria Scribe silly. They say it as if I should know the answer but they don't say it condescending they are all nice but they say it as if I should already know the answer.

Also The people are wearing different types of clothes but they are all white every article of clothing

THE REALITY The dreamer has always been very philosophical and never been worried what people think of her. She continually questions the road she takes and often feels out of step with the world. She feels that the world is too busy with modern things to even care about what their purpose is. The dreamer was very spiritual but also feels out of step with similarly spiritual people because they continually accept ideas too easily.

DREAM ANALYSIS In many ways this is an easy dream to interpret. The dreamer is going against the direction that everyone else is - that means that she is somewhat out of step with society. Another strong clue is Alexandria which she stated was associated with the Ancient World and housed the worlds first library. She also stated that "Scribe" was an ancient word for historians.

With dreams you build up a meaning. In this dream she is going in the opposite direction to the vast number of people - and this was a recurring dream. So this shows in some way her character is different from the rest. Perhaps she thinks differently. The Ancient world is associated with sound ideas whilst the modern world achieves so much yet in many ways is lacking.

But notice the important of clothes. Clothes are symbolic of image, reputation and how we define ourselves. The other people all wear white clothes. White is most commonly a symbol associated with clearness and clarity. It shows that other people are sure of themselves. Maybe that leads to the feeling that they are too sure of themselves.

Notice too how the dreamer asks a question. That shows how she is constantly questioning the way of things. She is never willing to accept things as they are.

Symbolic Meanings
CLOTHES : Clothes often link to our image. How we dress is linked to how the outside worlds sees you. White clothes suggests you like to be seen as true and honest and that you have the answers to life's questions"
QUESTION : The dreamer asks a question in the dream. This taps into thoughts like "I like to question society" and "I don't just accept what people tell me. I have my own views."
WHITE : White is associated with goodness, clearness, clarity and understanding. In this case white clothes could tap into the feeling "These people all think that they are so right."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am really quite sceptical in life. I am not afraid to go in the opposite direction of everyone else. But so many people claim to have true knowledge yet to me they cannot be all right"

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