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Dream with a cute guy

THE DREAM : In this dream I was with a cute guy and we were running up and up all these flights of stairs, round and round and up and up like in a block of flats. We kept stopping and I kept kissing him and I knew we were going to sleep together when we reached the top. We got to his flat and he let me in and then we stopped in the hallway, and really started kissing and going for it. But I kept thinking to myself: He's a terrible kisser, yuck, this is horrible, but I know I can turn him into a better kisser with a bit of training like all the others. The guy was really camp and rather effeminate in the dream, very girlie and rather weedy. I then looked around his flat and realised it was all one room - his bedroom, kitchen and bathroom were all in one huge room. I said I needed to pee but then we would get to it, and I went over to the toilet. I remember feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed because the toilet was like this cubicle with swing doors so you could see my feet and head while I was sitting on the toilet. And I was urinating away when, all of a sudden, this girl who I knew was the guy's sister appeared. She came over to me while I was peeing and got really close to me and said something like, "Why are you doing this? You know he's gay, don't you? He's GAY and very CAMP." But I didn't care, I said to her, "I like that he's camp, I think it's hot. It really, really turns me on!" (really lecherously and creepily). Then I wiped and pulled up my pants and decided to go sleep with him anyway, despite the fact he was gay, very camp and his sister was in the room and would see us doing it.

DREAM ANALYSIS If someone tells us something about ourselves it may make us reflect on those thoughts. We may wonder if its true or not. In this case the dreamer was reflecting on the thoughts of a friend. So how could the dream relates to the symbols in dream relate to the real life thoughts of her friend that she tends to go for rather nerdy sexually inexperienced guys.

Gay can symbolise many things but a gay guy is someone that a girl could never possibly hope to have sex with. That perfectly expresses the real life thoughts that she goes for a sexually inexperienced nerdy type of guy. Such guys will be almost like gay guys as they will be rather nervous sexually and rather more willing to talk about their sexual hang ups than want to get down to some earthy sex.

The dream is basically a small play which expresses and plays our her friends version of events. It shows that she is reflecting on those thoughts. It does not mean that her friend is right but rather that she is thinking about what has been said to her

The guy in the dream seems gay but also has several other qualities. He is rather nerdy and weedy and that corresponds with what was been said in real life that the dreamer likes rather nerdy guys. It also corresponds in that she was trying to change him despite of his true nature.

Maybe the guy is gay because this makes a point about the dreamers nature. A gay guy cannot be changed because being gay is their nature. So its maybe making a point about reality in that these guys cannot be changed - their nature is to be rather nerdy and weedy.

Symbolic Meanings
GAY : "The dreamer is trying to have sex with guys who are rather nerdy - its almost impossible to get them into bed - a bit like getting a gay guy into bed"
SISTER : "The sister possibly links to the friend in real life - giving real life advice and emotional insight."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "A friend recently told me to stop going out with guys I do not really fancy. I have a tendency to date rather nerdy virgins or very inexperienced guys who I try to turn them into something they are not. I am a sucker for a fixer upper when really I am looking for a sexually experienced dominant and confident man ".

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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