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No deaths - dream analysis

You can tell if a dream is about a subject because of little coincidences in the dream symbolism and in real life. This dream dealt with death and in real life the dreamer had been thinking about someone who was talking about death a lot.

THE DREAM I was in some dark place. A thought came into my head that there had been no deaths so far.

GUESSWORK The dreamer worked in a care home. She had enjoyed working there as there was always a happy atmosphere. Just recently someone had been very sick there. This man was suffering constantly - he was seriously ill and his life was not worth living. There was a real possibility that he could be dying - and he had even talked of suicide.

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In guesswork the dreamer had linked to the dream to a man who was very ill and could possibly die. Death was a new experience for the dreamer. She had never really experienced death and a death had never occurred in the care home that she worked in. The phrase that appeared in the dream was very relevant to the dreamers state of mind. She had been thinking about death. The dream then captures her preoccupation with death. It shows her dealing with the idea of death and preparing herself for the worst.

DREAM ANALYSIS If you link the symbolic meanings of the dream to real events and feelings in the dreamers life you find out that the dream captures these feelings - "There has never been a death at my care home. But one of the residents is very ill and constantly suffering. He could very possibly die. I have never known anyone close to me die. Its particularly significant because the care home I work in has such a happy atmosphere."

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