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Dream about red neck's taking over nice home

Dreams use symbols which are often extreme. In real life this dreamer was upset by someones disrespectful behaviour. This dream uses a redneck as a symbol for this. This dream hints at this type of feeling "she is like a redneck - totally disrespectful"

THE DREAM I was in this nice house. It really was a nice property with nice furnishings. Suddenly these "Red necks" came in. They were everywhere and I had to leave.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had spotted a woman allowing her dog to defecate on a piece of lawn near to the dreamers home. He had become sick of dog owners allowing their dogs to use the area as a dog toilet. He had mentioned this to the woman and she assured him that she would clean up. But later he saw a pile of dog mess in that same place.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will pick up on key themes in your own life. This matter had stuck in the dreamers mind. He really did not like people using the local lawned area as a dog toilet. The dream does seem consistent with this issue. It does deal with some of the issues.

Take for instance the house itself. Its a nice house and so represents the dreamers wish to live in a nice house. Although the dreamer did not own this lawn used as a dog toilet it was very much a part of the local environment.

The red neck represents the woman he encountered. Although in real life she was respectable looking in the dream she is represented by "Red necks" because that's ultimately how she was acting. Like a red neck showing disrespect for the other people.

Notice that the dreamer left the house unlocked. This maybe links in with real life since this local lawned area was unlocked. He had no control over it. Therefore he was powerless to prevent anyone doing anything wrong.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
NICE HOUSE: "The dreamer was trying to build the area up and make it respectable "
HOUSE UNLOCKED: "Ultimately the dreamer could do nothing to prevent the lawn being used a s a dog toilet"
REDNECKS: "The woman in real life acted like a redneck disrespecting everyone"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am trying to make my house and the local environment a pleasant place to live. But people just carry on using that lawn area as a dog toilet. I cannot keep watch on it all the time."

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