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Fish trying to communicate dream

A dream about fish communicating took place as the dreamer was trying to heal someone empathetically. The theme in real life and in the dream seems remarkably similar. So much so that we have to assume that the dream is about this issue.

THE DREAM I don't quite remember how the dream started out, but I was in someone's house, one of my exs was there (an ex who was an alcoholic with panic disorder) it seemed a bit messy, and then I was looking at their fish tank maybe I was in a different house now not sure yet, I don't know who I was talking to but they said their fish were special if you paid attention because they would try to find ways to communicate with you. One was kindav a pink white color like quartz and it would blow a bubble into the water opening its mouth and you could sense a noise inside the bubble but couldn't understand it, and this other strange darker fish that would swim really fast until it would run into plants and rocks and stuff nose first causing a vibration through the whole tank, and that vibration made some kind of noise through the whole tank and that's how that fish communicated. There were other fish in the tank that communicated other ways too but I can't quite remember much about the others. There was an eel that seemed very anti social though.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I'm an untrained empathic healer I sense peoples illnesses and emotions as if they're mine, and I astral project a lot I have dream walking experiences. Lately I've been having a lot of ringing in my ears. Usually in my left, high pitched. When its in my right, its usually very low pitched. I'm not sure what the ringing in my ears is supposed to be. I try to listen and see if something's communicating but it usually doesn't work out well. I think I met my twin flame. Doubt my twin flame anything to do with this though

Posted at May 14, 2012, 19:01 by kataya (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED May 15, 2012, 02: 2: 21) Well I collect dreams and this is very interesting. I always try to analyse dreams in reverse. I think of some possible trigger of the dream - in this case its possibly about your empathetic healing and maybe linked to these strange noises you are hearing. How could THIS dream portray THAT thought?

Well I have always linked fish to the emotions. Mostly they link to peoples motivations, urges and your deep unconscious. These could feelings link to your empathetic healing in this case.

So we can say that your dream is about you delving into your own empathetic healing and wondering about noises. So really the dream just means what you told me. Most dreams will usually translate into some thought - a thought which like this will be on the tip of your tongue... some new conclusion about life in general or something specific

A dream will generally not tell you anything you do not know. In your case your dreams will touch on telepathy.

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