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A trawler and plane crash - dream interpretation

Dreams often revolve around subjects which are interesting us. This dreamer was interested in authentic and dramatic accounts of the sea. This dream seems to tap into this very theme.

THE DREAM - I was on board a vessel - some kind of fishing boat. There is a feeling that I am really there. At one point they get some drink out. I drink as well. Then suddenly there is a crash. A plane has hit Staxten Hill. They did not know where they were going and went straight into this huge hill. Staxten Hill I believed was somewhere near Cloughton Wyke(which in reality its not - Stacken hill is not by the coast its a good 5 miles inland and nowhere near Cloughton). The whole dream was very dramatic and eventful.

THE REALITY Dreams can be about very specific issues in your own life. This dreamer had been making a website about maritime history. So far there had been a lack of real interest in the website. Just recently a fisherman had become involved telling stories of his own experiences. The fisherman had given the dreamer a story about a trawler wrecked. He was asked to write the story up. Afterwards the fisherman promised to add information which was not in the newspaper articles. This in many ways showed how the website had progressed with lots of real stories and some information which was not in the newspapers or anywhere else.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams will often be about real things which you are currently involved in. They represent how you are thinking about projects and relationships in your life. This dream seems very related to fishing and the sea which could easily link it to the dreamers own involvement with a fishing and maritime website. The very night before he had written a story from newspaper cuttings provided from a fisherman. The fisherman had asked that the dreamer write up the basic story then he would add some information which was not there in the newspaper cuttings.

The dream features this plane hitting a place called Staxten Hill. The plane did not know where it was going and went right into this huge hill. The dream seems to mirror reality in that the story he was writing about featured a trawler which went aground in thick fog. The story is slightly different but that's the way dreams go - its a plane hitting a hill rather than a trawler running aground. In reality they both cover the same thing - a crash.

In real life the dreamer was trying to find out stories which were of genuine value - which showed things exactly how they were. The reality of life at sea in the most dangerous industry. In the dreamer he was drinking along with other crew members of this boat. Whenever a boat goes aground then there are always rumours about the crew being drunk. This perhaps touches on this issue.

Overall the dream deals with this exciting new phase of the dreamers website about fishing. One where stories where written with the involvement of people who were actually there.

Symbolic Meanings
DRUNKEN : " The dog nearby was showing real signs of agitation. It was now acting more and more like an abused dog. "
PLANE HITS STAXTEN HILL: " This plane did not know where it was going and hit this huge hill - this was a metphor for a trawler which did not know where it was going and hit the rocks "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I managed to write up this story from newspaper cuttings of a wrecked trawler. It will be really interesting now to get information which is not in the article. This fisherman has details of how he thought and felt about this. It will make the story so much more interesting. It also makes the website so much more worthwhile if there real truth behind some of these disasters could be revealed. Sometimes the real facts do not get out. "

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