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Dream interpretation - masks

THE DREAM I have collected together a few dreams which linked to masks.

One mask dream linked to the dreamer thinking about a girl she knew who was totally obsessed with men. The mask was a symbol of her devious behaviour - she was concealing her true self.

A dream where the killer is unmasked as an ex girlfriend linked to a girl the dreamer used to date. She was spreading rumours about him and he felt it was this that had caused his relationship to split up.

In another mask dream the dreamer had recently started to realise how devious he had been with his ex. He had lied and cheated. The mask symbolised his devious behaviour.

One mask dream occurred when the dreamer was due to take over Kung Fu classes. He lacked confidence. His teacher tried to encourage him but the dreamer felt he was not telling the truth. The mask therefore symbolised his feeling that his teacher had lied to him to make him feel better.

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