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Take off into space - dream analysis

THE DREAM - I dreamt that I was with a woman I know (Misha). She was describing something. Suddenly we took off and she was showing me outer space. We were going up in some sort of satellite and looking at space. She said that we just do not know what happens out here.

THE REALITY The dreamer did not see a woman he knew the day before. He heard that she was off sick and suffering from depression. She had appeared OK the day before so this just did not make any sense. The dream represented his attempts to comprehend why this woman was suffering depression.(As a footnote the dreamer actually had misheard that she was suffering from depression).

DREAM ANALYSIS This woman runs a homeless shelter and the day before the dream she was happy and joking - in fact in the best of spirits. The next day the dreamer found out that she was off sick. He misheard in a cafe that she was suffering from depression.

This had an effect on him. He could not understand why someone could be so happy the day before and then suffering from depression the next day. The dream then represented his thoughts in trying to work out why she was so depressed.

Overall the dreamer was thinking empathetically. Trying to see what could have led this lady who works with the homeless get so depressed so quickly. The previous nights weather was very bad. It was a very rough night for homeless people with treacherous winds. The dreamer thought that the lady must have felt a despair. She was powerless to act. People were out there really suffering. Yet she was powerless - and it was this that must have led to the ladies depression.

Outer space often refers to a vast unknown world that we cannot comprehend. So in this dream the space refers to the inability to really know what it is like to be homeless - especially during a storm. Its a whole different world that we cannot comprehend.

So the dream represented the dreamer trying to work out the cause of this ladies depression. And that cause was the inability to understand just how it feels like to be living rough on a night with rough storms.

This was a dream that existed only in the dreamers head. He simply misheard the reason why the lady was off sick. But feelings are real even if the reality they are based on does not exist. In fact our emotions are constantly based on irrational and false information. We form opinions on the knowledge that we have.

Symbolic Meanings
SPACE : "unable to imagine just what something could be like - just unable to imagine how Misha could have depression "
SPACE : "unable to imagine just what something could be like - unable to imagine what its like to be homeless "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I found out that Misha was off work yesterday. She runs a homeless shelter and I overheard someone say she was off sick due to depression. Then I was trying to imagine what could cause her to have depression. Then I was thinking about the weather and how the bad weather may have got her down. Having to deal with so many homeless people and not been able to do anything to help them with all this rain about."

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

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