Chased by a killer whale dream

If someone is causing you stress then your dream will play out your emotions about that person

I dreamt that Victor was been chased and killed by a killer whale.

THE REALITY Victor is attempting to dominate the group. He tends to spread animosity and bad feelings. I keep trying to calm down the situation and resist his attempts.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "Victor is so divisive. He causes trouble and is trying to get me to act like him. But I am a pretty chilled out kind of guy and am trying to calm down the situation."

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamer was a laid back person and would not let anyone provoke him into an argument. Whales are symbols of the unconscious. They tend to link to peacefulness and reflection. They are symbols of calmness and tranquility. That perfectly reflects the attempts of the dreamer and others to calm down the situation. There had been several arguments and most of them were caused by Victor.

Symbolic Meanings
KILLER WHALE : "a mood for peace and tranquility"
VICTOR : "Victors own tendency to provoke trouble "

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