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Running for public office - dream

A "running for public office" dream took place at the time the dreamer was involved in some office politics

THE DREAM I was approached by some people who asked me to run for public office (not sure, either city council or congress). I came to their attention based on my membership in an organization.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer was involved in an interview for a job. She knew one of the interview panellists from a previous meeting and he told her not to get her hopes up. The dreamer found out later that same day that one of the other panellists was very intimidated by pretty young females and so her chances of getting the job were very slim. She did try her best though to promote her own case.

THE INTERPRETATION A politician's chief skill is to persuade and in a job interview those very same skills are needed. So the dream directly referred to the real life situation from the day before. However, politics also involves major intrigue and in some cases unfair tactics. So this dream caught both those features. The dreamer did her best to quietly impress even though she knew her task was very difficult.

Symbolic Meanings
POLITICIAN : "having to persuade people and defend your own interests"
POLITICIAN : "the victim of office politics"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I will not get the job because I have told that the interviewer does not like pretty young females. But I can at least try as hard as I can. But there are pressures and office intrigues which are holding me back."

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