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Dream - judge,frown and cheating

THE DREAM Someone was telling me that everyone wants to tell you... there was a sense of excitement.

THE REALITY The dreamer had cut himself off from a group of friends. He had an argument with one of them and felt that things had happened that he was not aware of. He had not been told the truth. He felt as if things were really happening and he was did not know what was causing the problems. He sensed that something was wrong but did not know what. He was wondering how others were thinking but had no idea.


Symbolic Meanings
FOREIGNER FROWNS: "The dreamer was applying rules less rigidly to people whom he liked. He was showing favoritism "
JUDGE : "The dreamer was being judged by his employers - he was acting unfairly "
JUDGE : "The dreamer was judging himself - he realized that his actions were unfair. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I keep thinking these good excuses to explain my behavior. yet I know that I am showing favoritism. I apply the rules less strictly to those that I consider friends."

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